Adhyarathri Movie Review: This Biju Menon Movie Is A Decent Entertainer!
Release Date:
Central Pictures
Biju Menon,Anashwara Rajan,Aju Varghese
Jibu Jacob
Music Director:
Sadhik Kabeer
Sooraj E S

Adhyarathri marks the second collaboration of Biju Menon, the versatile actor and Vellimoonga fame director Jibu Jacob. The movie, which is said to be a light-hearted comedy entertainer, also brings back the much-loved duo Biju Menon and Aju Varghese back together onscreen. Adhyarathri is scripted by Sharis-Jebin duo, and produced by Central Pictures.


Manoharan (Biju Menon) was forced to take up the role of a marriage broker, due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, he slowly emerges as the official matchmaker of his village, Mullakkara. Manoharan hates love marriages after a tragedy that happened in his life and forces the youngsters of his village to settle for an arranged marriage. However, things take a different turn after he finalises the alliance between Kunjumon (Aju Varghese) and Ashwathy aka Achu (Anaswara Rajan), the daughter of his ex-lover. What happens next and how the entire scenario changes Manoharan's life forms the crux of the story.


Jibu Jacob, the Vellimoonga fame director has managed to deliver an entertaining movie experience with Adhyarathri. The movie is rich with light-hearted situational humour, which is handled well by the talented star cast. Even though the movie revolves around a simple theme, the well-crafted narrative helps in keeping the audiences engaged in the first half.Biju Menon, as usual, effortlessly fits into the character Manoharan and entertains the audiences with his amazing one-liners and comic timing.Anaswara Rajan, who appeared as a plus-one student in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, delivers a matured performance as Ashwathy.The rest of the star cast, including Aju Varghese, Manoj Guinness, Sarjano Khalid, Vijayaraghavan, Biju Sopanam, Sona Babu, etc., have played their characters to near perfection.


Writers Sharis-Jebin duo chose to go with the conventional way when it comes to the second half, which makes the movie too predictable. The complications introduced to the plot in the second half lack conviction. Also, the second half initially falls into the slow pace a little bit and finally rushes towards the climax.Biju Menon's performance reminds his character from Vellimoonga at certain points, thus looking repetitive.Anashwara looks a bit too young for the role of a girl who is in her 20's.


Sreejith Nair's cinematography has made Adhyarathri a decent visual experience. Bijibal, the National award-winning musician has done a good job with the decent songs and perfect background score.


Adhyarathri has nothing remarkable to offer but is not disappointing either. This Biju Menon movie will entertain the audiences who love fun-filled, light-hearted films.

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12:14:08 PM, 11/05/2022