Edakkad Battalion 06 Movie Review: This Tovino Thomas Movie Is A Missed Opportunity!
Release Date:
Shrikant Bhasi,Jayant Mammen Thomas,Joseph Pattathanam
Tovino Thomas, Samyuktha Menon, Shalu Rahim
Swapnesh K Nair
Music Director:
Kailas Menon
Sinu Sidharth
Samjith Mohammed

Edakkadu Battalion 06 is the action drama movie which features Tovino Thomas and Samyuktha Menon in the lead roles. The movie, which depicts the life of an army officer, is scripted by actor-writer P Balachandran and directed by newcomer Swapnesh K Nair. Edakkadu Battalion 06 is produced by Ruby Films.


Captain Shafeek Mohammed, an army officer is back to his hometown Edakkad for holidays. Shafeek is the son of a biriyani seller and panchayat member, and has a sister who wants to be a cop. He falls in love with Naina Fatima (Samyuktha Menon), a school teacher. Shafeek helps the villagers solve several issues and earns their respect. He then discovers the involvement of drug mafia in the life of the villagers, especially the youngsters. How Shafeek handles this sensitive issue forms the crux of the story.


Sinu Sidharathu, the cinematographer has done a great job by making Edakkadu Battalion 06 a visually enthralling movie experience.
Kailas Menon, the music director scores one again with 'Nee Himamazhayay' song, which is a soul-stirring melody. The other two songs are just fine. The background score is decent too.


Director Swapnesh K Nair and scriptwriter P Balachandran have weaved a film which is based on the life of an army officer, but is really not an army film. The military is used more as a factor which helps to evoke Nationalism in audiences. Edakkadu Battalion 06 begins on a highly promising note, but the writer-director duo hasn't succeeded in maintaining the spark which the movie had in the beginning, throughout the narrative. Edakkadu Battalion 06 had the potential to be a heart-warming movie experience, but the ordinary writing and average execution makes it a mediocre experience. The factors which had the potential, like certain emotional sequences and Shafeeq-Naina love story are totally wasted. The movie spends too much time in establishing Shafeek's character, thus overdoing it and looking stretched. The dialogues too, feel artificial and lack the much-needed earnestness, which affects the overall experience. However, all these flaws are somewhat compensated by the last 15 minutes which ends in the captivating climax sequence.

Tovino Thomas who appears as Shafeek Mohammed, has played his part to near perfection. But the movie doesn't provide the actor much scope to perform. Samyuktha Menon delivers a decent performance as Naina Fatima, and her onscreen chemistry with Tovino Thomas is quite appealing. The rest of the star cast, including Rekha, Joy Mathew, Shalu Rahim, Sudheesh, Anjali Nair, Abu Salim, etc., are good in their respective roles.

Samjith Mohammed's editing is not up to the mark, as the movie looks repetitive and stretched.


Edakkadu Battalion 06 had the potential to be an appealing film, but ends up being a mediocre experience. This Tovino Thomas movie is a missed opportunity.


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