Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Movie Review : A pleasant love-after-marriage story
Release Date:
Wichu Balamurali,Justin Stephen
Asif Ali,Veena Nandakumar,Basil Joy,Jaffer Idukki
NIsam Basheer
Music Director:
William Francis
Abilash Shankar
Noufal Abdullah

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malaka is the kind of film that makes you feel that it is not always about how novel or exciting the storyline is, but how the story is told. And this film by director Nisam Basheer tells a simple story, about falling in love after marriage, very well.

Asif Ali plays a young farmer named Sleevachan who never thought about marriage till he comes home one day to find his elderly mother unconscious. So, the decision to get married wasn’t taken with the most romantic intentions, but he’s a nice guy and Asif Ali is in his element as a doted upon younger brother. The problems start when he realises that he doesn’t particularly relish the idea of consummating the marriage with his young bride, played with just the right amount of restraint by Veena Nandakumar. When he does get physical, he gets it disastrously wrong; the background sound at this moment is so fab, it makes the viewer feel his nerves. And from this low point, things must be made right.


Well done to the cast, the director and the scriptwriter Aji Peter Thankam for never mining a sensitive subject like this for laughs. There are no insensitive moments and the gender equations are just right. Sleevachan realises, after first telling his wife to forget the incident, that he has actually done something wrong and it is from this epiphany that he makes the right moves to make the marriage work. The cinematography is stunning, particularly at the moment he realises that love can be simple.


There are no tense, twisty moments. It’s a simple story, nicely acted by even the supporting cast, and actually feels quite pleasant to watch an uncomplicated love story that makes you tear up and smile at the end.


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05:09:07 AM, 29/04/2022