Release Date:
A V Anoop,Mukesh R Metha,C V Sarathi
Jayasurya,Vijay Babu,Sruthi Ramachandran,Leona Lishoy
Prashobh Vijayan
Music Director:
Jakes Bejoy
Suijith Vasudev
Appu N Bhathathiri

Murder or mistake? When gruesome incidents involving children getting injured or killed in their own homes surface, this is a doubt that lurks in the mind of both the society and cops. Anveshanam, flavoured with enough mystery elements from the beginning, is a movie that keeps the audience thinking right from frame one, about this.


Aravind (Jayasurya) and Kavitha (Sruthy Ramachandran) love their little son and daughter, and their home is a mini heaven glittering in their laughter and naughtiness. On a fateful day, Kavitha hospitalises their seven-year-old son Ashwin, alongside their family friend Dr Gautham (Vijay Babu), saying that the boy fell from the stair case. At the same time, cops get a call stating that it’s a possible case of child abuse and they start their investigation. Anveshanam tries to uncover the truth behind the incident.


An emotionally rich and intricately plotted film, Anveshanam can evoke a sense of dread within the viewers regarding how danger hides in the minutest of random things one does even in our private space. The story keeps the audience guessing till the end, and is filled with near-miss moments of tension. The plotting is interesting and so are the few twists that aren’t in your face. The chemistry between the characters are great and the film hits the right spots when it comes to scenes that portray their equations. The result is a twisting tale filled with possibly sinister suspects. Jayasurya, Sruthy, Leona and Vijay Babu give the right, believable texture to their characters.


On the flip side, there is a possibility that the final payoff does not match the build-up. Especially for those viewers who might have been in the let’s-guess-the-psycho mental game. There are also a few heart-wrenching scenes that can be too much, especially for parents with young children, to take as they have semi-raw portrayal of abuse. Also, as the movie twists its way through various plot turns in the second half, a bit of boredom can creep in despite escalating tension on screen.


Anveshanam is definitely an edge-of-the-seat film, which can make anyone, especially parents, think twice before anything they do, once out of the movie hall.


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10:53:53 AM, 27/04/2022