Love Action Drama Movie Review: This Nivin Pauly-Nayanthara Movie Is Flawed Yet Entertaining!
Release Date:
Aju Varghese
Nivin Pauly, Nayantara, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Basil Joseph
Dhyan Sreenivasan
Music Director:
Shaan Rahman
Jomon T. John,Roby Varghese Raj
Vivek Harshan

Love Action Drama, the much-awaited Nivin Pauly-Nayanthara movie has finally hit the theatres. This Dhyan Sreenivasan directorial is undoubtedly one of the most-hyped projects of Malayalam cinema in recent times. The entertaining teaser and the much-celebrated Kudukku song have raised the expectations over Love Action Drama, which is touted to be a complete entertainer.


Dineshan (Nivin Pauly) is a carefree, alcoholic young man who comes from a wealthy family. He attends the wedding of his cousin, where he meets Shobha (Nayanthara). Dineshan manages to woo her and Shobha falls for him. However, a series of events changes their equation and badly hurts Shobha's feelings. Where Dineshan and Shobha's love-hate relationship takes them forms the crux of the story.


Dhyan Sreenivasan, the actor makes a decent directorial debut with the movie, which is a pretty entertaining watch. Even though the basic plot of the movie is strictly old-fashioned and wafer-thin, the good execution makes Love Action Drama a fun-filled entertainer.The interval portions and the second half, where the action takes over the narrative, are comparatively engaging.Even though the movie ends on a predictable note, the amazing music and the colourful making save the day.Aju Varghese, who plays Dineshan's cousin-best friend Sagar, is at his usual best. Mallika Sukumaran, who appears as Dineshan's mother, scores with her energetic performance, and shines in the combination scenes with Nivin. Sreenivasan and Vineeth Sreenivasan, who make extended cameo appearances, have done their parts well. The rest of the star cast are good in their respective roles.


the script, which is penned by the director Dhyan himself, lacks the much-needed punch, especially in the first half.The love story of Dineshan and Shobha is strictly old-school, which might not go well with the audiences.Nayanthara's character is not challenging enough for an actress of her calibre.Vivek Harshan's editing is not up to the mark, as the movie lacks the much-needed crispiness at certain points.


Jomon T John and Roby Varghese Raj, the cinematographers deserve great applause for the wonderful visuals, which make Love Action Drama an extremely eye-pleasing watch.Shaan Rahman, the music director, once again strikes gold with the excellent music of Love Action Drama. The songs, especially the 'Kudukku' song, have already emerged as chartbusters. The brilliant background score has truly made the otherwise-average movie a totally entertaining experience.


Love Action Drama is definitely an entertaining watch if the flaws are ignored. Watch this Nivin Pauly-Nayanthara starrer if you are in for a colourful movie experience this Onam.


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10:27:23 PM, 20/01/2022